Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sweat and Sands

Last Sunday, I woke up early for the beach with some friends. Since it's summer I couldn't help but get very excited to have fun under the sun! Like, who would want to stay home and get really bored to death while others are creating summer memories at the beach? So, I grabbed my sunnies and be perfectly ready to go for a summer outing.

The Philippines is very blessed with white sand beaches and clear blue waters. Perhaps, Grandeur Beach Resort in Badian Cebu could be a very good evidence for that statement. When we got there, we couldn't control our excitement anymore so the boys took off their clothes and I changed for my beach attire. Yeah, that white bottom, polka bikini and comfortable floral top from What A Girl Wants completed my beach aura! LOL :D

Since we wanted to be on the sand than in the water with the boys Nikkah and I decided to play Frisbee! Yay! :D

And guess what, the boys Rj De Guia, Anjo Sanchez, Christian Jamorol, Kenneth Jamorol, Kristian Bayon and Gibson Suminguit wanted to join us too. They really can't deny it, Frisbee is FUN! So here are the photos of us enjoying the sport..

Thank you Ivan Langit and John Harold Lucas for our great photos :D
These kids really had so much fun playing under the sun. I wish I could play Frisbee again. I really love playing the sport and even if I got a painful shoulder tan it didn't matter, it ended up cool after this day.